To answer any future restrictions on disposable vapes, many of the leading brands such as Hayati and IVG have now launched 4-in-1 vape devices. Introducing the innovative 4-in-1 pod kit vape, designed with convenience and versatility in mind.

These devices include a rechargeable battery and a distinctive barrel that can hold up to 4 pre-filled e-liquid pods simultaneously. This unique feature allows users to effortlessly switch between their favourite flavours by simply twisting the barrel, ensuring a seamless vaping experience without any downtime. The 4-in-1 device boasts an impressive overall e-liquid capacity of 8ml, allowing users to enjoy over 2400 puffs before needing a change. When one pod is depleted, it can be easily replaced with a new one, giving users the opportunity to stick with their favourite flavour or explore a new one, enriching their vaping experience with variety and ease. This vape kit is perfect for those who appreciate convenience, variety, and long-lasting performance in their vaping journey.

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