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How to spot a Fake Elf Bar?

how to spot a fake elf bar


Elf Bar! The most popular disposable vape brand on the market today. With its popularity and immense demand comes one major drawback – FAKE ELF BARS!

In this post, I will aim to help each and every one of you to spot the difference between a fake Elf Bar and an authentic Elf Bar. We will get into the juicy bits a bit further down.

What is an Elf Bar?

Elf Bar is your go-to brand for all of your disposable vaping needs! Their flagship product, the Elf Bar 600, offers up to an impressive 600 puffs in each kit. To make things even simpler and more exciting for our readers (no one likes boring!), I’ll be focusing on this popular disposable vape which is currently dominating the market!

The Elf Bar 600

The characteristic slender cylindrical shape of the first Elf Bar 600 is pocket-friendly, and the hand-friendly smooth matte finish adds to the appeal. Both beginners and experienced vapers may vape naturally and easily thanks to the auto draw feature and the duckbill-style drip tip, which is made to fit securely in the mouth.

Key Features:

  • Contains 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid
  • Nicotine-free version available
  • Up to 600 Puffs
  • Draw activated
  • 550 mAh battery
  • Suitable for MTL Vaping

Powering the popular Elf Bar disposables are internal, single-use batteries with advanced coil technology that eliminates the need for recharging the device. Not to mention, they boast leakproof capabilities like no other vape kit on the market due to their totally sealed design. On top of that, these pre-filled vaping essentials offer a variety of tantalizing e-liquid flavours – from fruits and desserts to candies and baked goods! My personal favourite? The Elfbull Ice Elf Bar 600 puffs!

Fake products

I have discovered numerous fake Elf Bar 600 disposable vape kits being sold all over the country. So here we go, let’s work out how to avoid buying a fake Elf Bar 600.

For those who fancy disposable vapes, you have likely already heard of the Elf Bar 600 Disposable. These popular disposables offer a range of flavours for smokers attempting to give up their habit and are undeniably the most identifiable disposables in existence. Most purchasers pick them due to their portability; they can take them with them wherever they go without fear of misplacing it. Sadly, given its massive popularity, there is an overabundance of counterfeit vape disposables on the market that defraud customers into spending hard-earned money on fake products.

These fake goods may be harmful for several reasons:

  • When it comes to counterfeit products, there is no telling what you are introducing into your body. The potential health risks of using or purchasing a fraudulent product can be dire – nausea, migraines, blurred vision and even respiratory issues have all been reported by people who used fake vapes. Yet those are only the immediate problems; imagine the long-term repercussions you could suffer if exposed to unknown ingredients contained within these items!
  • Misleading new vapers about the truth of vaping can have dangerous and damaging effects, leading to health concerns and financial strife as they will continue their consumption of cigarettes. For those who are contemplating making the switch from smoking to vaping, this deception creates a hazardous environment that should be avoided at all costs.
  • Counterfeit products are regularly targeted at younger audiences, as they often have minimal knowledge of the distinction between authentic and fake products. This can make them unwitting participants in criminal activity, allowing criminals to take advantage by marketing their counterfeit goods with impunity; in fact, these offenders typically view youth and young adults as their prime customers.

How to tell if an Elf Bar is genuine?

This part of the post is where you can learn how to tell if your product is genuine or not!

1. Check the Elf Bar website!

On the Elf Bar website, you can directly verify your Elf Bar. Utilise the Elf Bar’s Authentication number. By examining the packaging and contrasting it with that of an actual Elf Bar, you can distinguish between a genuine and fake Elf Bar. The logo and barcode for the fake product will typically be larger or smaller than the genuine ones. You can see images of real Elf Bars online to compare if you don’t have any on hand.

An EAN barcode and holographic label on the side of the packaging that denotes the validity of an Elf Bar 600 would be there. The holographic sticker on the Elf Bar is pretty detailed if you look closely. Most importantly, you can verify the validity of the item by entering the security code on the Elf Bar website. To avoid potential harm, it is essential to be purchasing only genuine products as a fake Elf Bar may contain hazardous liquids and are not required to follow government regulations.

2. Listen out for strange noises

With an authentic disposable vape, you can rest assured that your hit will be smooth and satisfyingly strong — like puffing on a cigarette. Genuine products have an output sound like someone sucking in air through opened lips. Whereas with a counterfeit device, the loud noise it makes is far from pleasant; instead, it will almost certainly sound crunchy. If this happens to your product, chances are that e-liquid isn’t igniting properly – so make sure to discard it right away!

3. Doesn’t taste right

The most obvious giveaways of fake products are their taste and smell, which are only discovered after the sale. A fake Elf Bar 600 device will likely taste drastically different from what a genuine product should, presumably being considerably more bitter and rough. You will probably find this to be a repulsive revelation, and you should not only stop using the device right away but also make sure you take some time to calm yourself. Make sure you have some water and check on yourself before starting again because you can feel queasy or ill.

4. Gives off a weird smell

If you notice a burning smell or smoked plastic coming from your fake Elf Bar 600 disposable, it likely means that the inside coil is igniting against its casing. The odour may also come from the e-liquid itself, which could be improperly heating and creating an unpleasant scent. If this happens to your device, it’s best to discard it immediately for safety purposes.

5. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!

The emergence of knockoffs and clones on the market is surely worrying! In addition to poor or unsafe batteries, leaking tanks, and unregulated liquid, illegally made counterfeit replicas pose numerous more risks. The negative publicity and frightened consumers caused by fake Elf Bar vapes may cause a decline in the number of genuine bars and limit future consumer options. Despite how concerning this is, your health should be your top concern when deciding whether or not to avoid bogus bars.

To wrap things up

With the Elf Bar 600 being one of the most popular disposable vape products on the market, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for fake versions. Make sure you check the Elf Bar website and compare images of authentic Elf Bars with what you have to ensure their validity. Listen out for strange noises, taste and smell differences and avoid any that are giving off a weird smell. This will help you stay safe and ensure the longevity of Elf Bar products. So choose wisely, and have a happy Elf Bar experience!

Now that you know how to spot a fake Elf Bar, you can keep yourself and your vaping experience safe by avoiding counterfeit devices. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, make sure to only choose Elf Bar products that are 100% authentic and made with the highest-quality ingredients and materials. Your health and your taste buds will thank you!

We hope you find this post useful and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact VapeBud if you have any queries or comments.

Happy vaping!

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