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Travelling with a Vape device

travelling with a vape device


Ready for an exciting and stress-free journey? Travelling with a vape device? Check out my guide to touring with a vape! With all the helpful tips, tricks, and advice provided in this handbook, you can have the best vaping experience on the go.

Planning an international trek or a lengthy road trip? Be sure to keep your vape device and vape kits secure, convenient, and operational with these helpful tips. With them, you can guarantee that taking along your vapes is as effortless and enjoyable as possible!

Going on a journey with your vape requires careful forethought to get the most out of it. Selecting adequate battery power for personal needs, having enough e-liquid supply and safeguarding the device from damage are some key elements you should keep in mind when planning your trip. To make sure that there’s never any shortage of energy while travelling, consider packing useful accessories such as additional components or a mobile charging pack!

When it comes to travelling with vape pens, disposable vape bars, pod mods or even a sub-ohm kit, the goal is always to guarantee that you have all the necessary supplies so that your favourite flavours and experiences can be enjoyed regardless of where life takes you.

I’m going to share my own experience while on the road with a vape, as well as discuss relevant rules and regulations enforced by airports, airlines, and countries during travel.

Most people these days who are trying to quit smoking carry electronic cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes with them at all times including during their travels so hopefully this blog will give you an insight on how to travel with a vape or vape products.

How to travel with your vape

Even though jet-setting is not the most pressing concern right now, it will soon become more feasible as countries progressively reopen and people learn to embrace a new lifestyle while practising proper hygiene protocols. Assuming you are planning on taking an aeroplane trip in the near future for either recreational or professional purposes, there are several things to bear in mind such as how to remain healthy and whether you can bring your e-cigarette along with you. It’s paramount that before leaving your residence country, research local laws concerning carrying and using vape devices abroad.

Vaping at Airports

Many airports have designated smoking areas specifically for vapers and those smoking cigarettes; however it would be wise to double-check with the airport before assuming that any location will permit vaping. Additionally, not all airlines allow e-cigarettes or other electronic smoking devices onboard their planes so make sure to check a flight’s policy ahead of time as well!

If you’re planning to take a trip with your e-cigarette, you must double-check the airline’s policies before departure. Although I’ve had wonderful experiences at airports that provide facilities for vapers (i.e. the famous see-through smoking rooms), there may be total bans at some airports! However, as far as my experience goes, UK airports permit electronic cigarette usage but always make sure to confirm their rules and regulations prior to vaping as they are subject to change.

Can you take a disposable e-cigarette in your hand luggage?

To ensure security and to provide yourself with greater peace of mind, you should always bring vaping supplies as carry-on luggage. Unless they are small enough, avoid packing batteries in your checked bags; instead, make sure that all batteries come along inside the cabin. Additionally, for safety reasons, try to leave behind any large battery items when boarding a flight – these absolutely cannot be packed into hold luggage anymore! With this knowledge in hand (or rather on board), travel away with all of your vaping devices without worry!

Mods, RDAs, and tanks may be allowed in checked baggage; however, it is advisable to pack them in your carry-on for added protection. The majority of airlines require this practice as well. Moreover, if you store your vape kit securely with a hard case and the battery removed from its compartment during transit you will minimise any potential breakage. So take some extra time prepping ahead of travelling: It’s always better to safe than sorry!

When travelling with e-liquids, I highly recommend packing them in your hold luggage—this way you can potentially bring with you a large amount. Avoid putting e-liquids into glass containers; instead, opt for durable plastic ones that won’t break during transport. Additionally, be sure to securely wrap each container and place it inside a sealed plastic bag just in case any spills occur. When planning on bringing e-liquids in your carry-on bag, remember that there are already rigid rules regarding liquids passing through security. Ensure that your e-liquid containers fit within the small plastic bag used to transfer all of your liquid items and that their sizes do not exceed 100ml.

Can you use E-Cigarettes on an aeroplane?

Unfortunately (especially if you are on a long flight!), cigarette smoking or vaping is not allowed on planes. With certain airlines, even possession of an e-cigarette can result in hefty fines or other repercussions. Despite the temptation to risk it all for a quick puff, don’t let yourself be misled by forum users claiming they did so without any issues – resist the urge! All forms of smoking including cigarette smoke, tobacco smoke is strictly not allowed. Take another secure and flight-friendly approach with you if you truly need a nicotine boost while you’re travelling. These days I have seen many people hanging around with vapes in their hands such as a vape starter kit, sub ohm vape kit and also disposable vapes. These are all great for vaping but just be cautious when travelling and keep away from them for the duration of your flight. It is for the safety of yourself and others who are travelling with you.

Vaping laws around the world

Regulations regarding vaping vary from place to place, so always ensure that you are knowledgeable of the rules and regulations in your destination country or region. Having a vape device with you on any trip – short or long-haul – can be an exhilarating experience if done right; therefore, take necessary measures to know where it is allowed and not allowed. With your trusty vape kit at hand during such experiences, rest assured knowing that you’ll remain relaxed, focused and worry-free until the end of your journey.

Before a trip, it is prudent to investigate the regulations about e-cigarettes in your destination country. Furthermore, you should also acquire plenty of supplies before leaving as rules on vaping products can vary significantly between nations.

As of last year, it’s now illegal to purchase vape juice or any other nicotine-containing products in Australia without a prescription from a General Practitioner. As for Singapore, they have taken the matter one step further and entirely banned vaping since 2019 – including all imitation tobacco products that come with e-cigarettes. Owning, buying, or importing any of these products can result in hefty fines of up to $10,000 and potentially six months of imprisonment. Repeated violations will bring about even more gruelling consequences! Even the use of e-cigarettes is strictly punished – all depending on where you are located. In countries that allow vaping, the vaping age differs from country to country – for example in the UK and most EU countries it is 18 years old while in the United States it’s a minimum 21 years old.

For specific information regarding which countries allow vaping and which countries have banned vaping follow this link.

Travel safe and be sure to follow all rules and regulations that airports, airlines and countries have put in place!

If you’re on the verge of quitting smoking then why not have a read of our Vaping Vs Smoking blog.

Happy vaping!

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