Connect with us at VapeBud! We currently have a Instagram page and a WhatsApp broadcast initiative. This allows us to constantly keep our fantastic customers up to date with pretty much everything!

Why Social Media?

Social media allows VapeBud to connect with our customers in a more meaningful way. We can showcase cool products, get feedback from our customers, and even show our lighter side with funny memes and jokes on Instagram! Plenty of giveaways too! Social media has also opened the door for us to connect with vape stores around the world via Instagram, giving us an easy way to stay in touch with current trends and needs.

Through platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, we can easily keep you updated on products, trends and exciting news. We love being able to instantly interact with you as well! Social media helps us stay connected to our VapeBud family from near and far. So go ahead and follow us on Instagram.

WhatsApp Broadcast

You may be wondering:

  • – Why on earth do we have a WhatsApp broadcast list?
  • – Is that even a safe way of communicating?
  • – Would customer details not be at risk?
  • – In fact, what is a WhatsApp broadcast list?

Okay so, for starters, a WhatsApp broadcast list is a feature on the app that allows users to send messages to a group of people without needing to add them individually. It is a safe and secure way for us to stay connected with our customers, providing up-to-date information about new products, promotions and more!

Is it actually safe? Absolutely! Customers’ phone numbers are NEVER shared, and they can unsubscribe from the list at any time. We use the broadcast list to keep our customers in the know about new products, deals and competitions – so why not join today?

If you are interested in receiving the craziest deals on the market (like our current Free Elf Bar 600 deal!), then you must join our WhatsApp broadcast! So if you are looking for the best deals out there, don’t forget to join our WhatsApp broadcast – it is the quickest and most efficient way to stay informed. We can’t wait to have you onboard!

So that’s it! Social media helps us stay connected with our VapeBud family all around the world. Join us on Instagram and don’t forget to sign up for our WhatsApp broadcast list to stay in the know on all our amazing deals!